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Designer Wanted👨‍💻

If you already read about who we are and what we value on our hiring page, we want to explain you here, what we expect from you in this specific position.

What do we want from you?

We need a visionary who knows how people work. Not just someone who can make things look pretty - even tough that's super important - but that also understands the UX principles of conversion rate optimisation. If you are an artist, architect, scientist, dreamer, planner, adventurer, or ideally a mix of all these things, you have a spot in our team 👨‍🎨

Within the e-commerce world, there's a huge need for open-minded designers who can create the basic branding for a starting company, set up templates in a professional fashion and design beautiful landing pages focused on the customer experience.

That's exactly why we appreciate all different types of designing backgrounds you may have. All of them are useful and powerful within our industry: illustrators, creatives, UX analysts, UI gods, Squarespace/Webflow designers...you name it.


    If you don't check all boxes, don't be afraid to get in touch - it's more important what you can actually do, than what you think you have or haven't achieved so far.

    • 3+ years designer experience
      I mean: we won't teach you how to design from zero as you may imagine.
    • If you know some how to code too, definitely get in touch 🦄
    • Industry experience (e-commerce/agency/freelancing)
    • Any contact with Shopify is a huge plus of course. We are also happy if you've played with different e-commerce platforms.
    • Based in Europe ideally. Different timezones are a mess 😅
    • Be nice. No need to be smiling all the time, but we don't want to waste time with office politics/drama - we're too busy making awesome Shopify stores.

    Do you think you’re the one?

    Send us your CV, portfolio and other information about you to the email jobs@soundsgood.agency, and we’ll get back to you. Maybe you’re indeed the one who will grow our team. We look forward to getting to know you 😃

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